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If you are searching for the perfect deejay, you’ve succeeded.

We at Audial Palette are the essential musical element of the overall experience that you want to create for your event.

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Our deejays are attuned to this.

Music stimulates the senses and any mood can be both created and complemented whether for a festival, for freestyle dancing in a partying celebration, for more intimate or coordinated dancing when partners wish to closely embrace, for a gathering for audible conversation as an added layer of atmosphere, for an artistic showcasing when background ambience is desired, and even for more sombre and reflective settings if required.


Our understanding of the moment, the mood and the music endows us very well with the ability to please you and your guests, and to make your occasion a success.

The musical knowledge that our deejays are endowed with covers the genres of jazz-funk, jazz, soul, funk, R&B, electro, disco, fusion, blues, reggae, Latin-American music, World music, and our scope is increasing into classical music.


A specific playlist of yours can be adopted or we can prepare a playlist based upon the preference of genre or genres from which you would like us to select and deliver.

We attend to planning your every musical need from your first communication with us through to the eve of your special occasion.


You can expect only pleasure, and the best possible professional conduct, presentation and service from our deejays.

We will happily consider performing at your venue whether it is for a small gathering, a large corporate event or anything in between.

M. 07957 374677
E. connect@audialpalette.com